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Sun Screen 150ml 9,99 €

A non-greasy Sunscreen which provides your skin with protection from harmful UVA and UVB radiation. Papaya, Hemp, and Aloe Vera extracts provide your skin with unrivaled moisturizing action, while Vitamin E Extracts provide antioxidant action along with protection from sun rays. Leaves your skin feeling softer, moisturized, and not greasy. Useable for your face and body.

Apply a generous amount directly onto your skin and spread before exposure to direct sunlight. Renew application every 30 minutes, and/or after swimming, sweating, or wiping-dry your skin. Your protection is directly related to the amount of product used.

WARNING: Direct exposure to sunlight, especially during afternoon hours (11:00-16:00) can be extremely harmful to your skin. Avoid when possible. 

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