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This pack contains everything you need in order to get started with a simple, effective routine! Contains a Shampoo, an All Day Cream, and an Eye Cream. These three products ensure a complete caring routine for your face, with cleaning, hydrating, and nourishing factors. Watch your skin and hair’s natural elasticity, moisture, and color return as you start using the Andras Starter Pack products.

Enjoy the feeling of freshness and hydration with our Hydrating Super Pack, which contains an Eye Cream, an After-shave Lotion, and an All Day Cream. When used in conjunction, these products ensure your face will always be in its best shape, ensuring that any damage that is done throughout the day can be repaired, while also preparing you for the next.

Acne is an issue that most if not all teenagers face at some point. Andras Care is here to help you with controlling your acne breakouts with the Acne Control Pack. Our proven Anti-Spot lotion helps existing spots heal correctly, while our Deep Cleaning Face wash keeps your face clean using gentle cleansers, always vigilant so as not to spread existing spots.

Okay, we went with a stereotype here. Our Beard Oil and Shampoo provide your beautiful Face with all the nutrients it needs in order to keep your hair healthy, and where it needs to be. All this while nourishing your precious skin underneath, so that if you ever decide to change your look, you won’t have any issues. Rock the Greek God look with your healthy hair, both on your face and on your scalp.

Rocking the clean shaved look? Chances are you are probably stressing out your face’s skin a little more than usual with all the shaving. A Face Wash starts by cleaning all the grime and bacteria left behind from the day’s activities. The Aftershave lotion coats your shaved area with a thin layer which soothes the skin and softens your hairs to prevent ingrown hair. The All day cream continues by nourishing and hydrating the rest of the face, while the eye cream eliminates any dark circles and helps remove the baggy eye look.

Andras Care

Andras Care was founded in 2020 with one purpose: Making effective facial care easier for men around the world.

Wanting to pioneer in the field of cosmetics, we decided to use modern key ingredients in all our products. These ingredients provide your skin with a plethora of vitamins and elements which aid the epidermis and hair.

All of our products are made in Greece, and are completely paraben free, use organic ingredients when available, and have absolutely never been tested on animals. 

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoyed creating them!


  • Nikos L.Face Wash

    The Face Wash is incredible! First time I feel my skin truly clean after a long time! The scent is soft and nice, and doesn’t stick!

    Stratos M.All Day Cream

    We wanted it and it finally happened: Finally a Greek skincare line for men! The All Day Cream is incredible! Even after the first use, my skin became soft and smooth, while my natural color returned! Very soft scent which doesn’t stay. I recommend this product to everyone! A must have for all men!

    Fanis P.Anti-Spot Lotion

    I’ve had an issue with acne for years now. I always get random pimples and I’ve had constant issues. The Anti-Spot Lotion is one of few products that actually work, and makes those pimples vanish!

  • Michael H.All Day Cram

    Incredible aroma and incredible result!

    Nikos H.Starter Pack

    I have one issue with the products: my wife keeps using them! Looks like times have changed!

    Christos L.Various Products

    The moment I get up, I take a shower, use the Face Wash, and continue with the All Day Cream and the Eye Cream. I can’t even describe how fresh my face feels! Gotta try it!

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