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CBD is becoming a household word. A mere few years ago, people would turn their heads away at the idea of using a cannabinoid to any extent. Nowadays, CBD is an ingredient used in all sorts of products, from dietary supplements to hand sanitizers.

The true wonder of CBD lies in its ability to simultaneously nourish your skin cells, fight inflammation, and provide antioxidants, among other properties.  CBD contains B-complex vitamins, such as B6 and B12, as well as more common C and E vitamins. All of these vitamins aid your skin with replenishment and rejuvenation, giving it the healthy look that you strive to achieve. Furthermore, it helps to fight inflammation, or redness in the face. Antioxidants aid with keeping skin cells in your face fortified against foreign toxins which can break them down.  This property protects against wrinkling, sunspots, and photoaging. Even if you are blessed with good, healthy skin, it is important to remember that using quality products today can help with skin problems tomorrow.